Definition: Programmatic is the use of inventory and data collection to connect Publishers and ad exchanges using a bidding system.

There are three main issues with Programmatic as we know it today:

  1. Tracking viewability is extremely hard, USA averaging about 45% at the end of 2015, thanks to the rise in ad blockers and increased fraudulent ads.
  2. Ad Fraud is estimated to be about 36% of web traffic.
  3. Transparency is difficult to obtain when the world of automation is leading the way.

FEAR NOT. There are solutions to prevent some of these issues!

  • Premium Programmatic positions trump the lower quality (remnant) spaces by using a competitive CPM and Private marketplaces and Exchanges.
  • Programmatic Creatives can be optimized for everything including time of day and major events!
  • Programmatic Native has gotten a pretty good response by the viewers.
  • Programmatic Videos are gaining the interest of more and more advertisers going niche!

Check out this guide to get a full understanding regarding these points:

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