Who exactly is browsing through denverpost.com? Although many of our advertisers feel that the best strategy would be to target a specific audience, it is also useful to understand how valuable our readers are as a whole and who may be seeing Sponsorship and ROS campaigns.

Most likely, you will reach a 30-year-old, English-speaking man in Denver who loves movies, is in the market for new travel accommodation recommendations, and reads the news on his iPhone after seeing headline posts on social media.

But apart from our #1 demographic, here are some other tidbits of audience knowledge on denverpost.com (based on the full month of July 2016):

9 million unique monthly users
2 million monthly pageviews
Average time on site is 1:49
5% of users are returning readers
92% of site visitors are in the US, but the next most popular countries are Canada, UK, Australia, Germany
78% of visitors are in Denver, with the next largest cities being Dallas, Aurora, Chicago, Colorado Springs, New York
25-44 year old men account for 2.4 million sessions (nearly 32% of total sessions: 7.6 million)

The top 5 most popular interest categories by gender are:
Men: movie lovers, political junkies, news junkies/celebrity news, TV lovers, travel buffs
Women: movie lovers, news junkies/celebrity news, travel buffs, political junkies, cooking enthusiasts/aspiring chefs

The top 5 most popular in-market segments by genderare:
Men: travel/hotels/accommodations, financial services/investment, employment, auto vehicles/parts, education/post-secondary education
Women: travel/hotels/accommodations, employment, dating services, travel tips for North America, real estate/residential properties for sale

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